Poetic Harvest
Bavarian Forest

20. - 23. Juni 2019


Iris Aria

First Day – The Perceptive Being

We put our senses in the focus of our attention. Some stages on the way of refining our perception.

Love the detail: We start with opened eyes.
We notice tiny things and slight movements like leaves touched by the wind.

Being lead: Still with eyes opend we are lead by sounds and noises of the wood.
Now we repeat the exercise with eyes closed and lead by an other participant.
With sensibility and skill we lead our partner to lift his or her leg, to turn it etc.

Beside the sounds and noises we will as well discover some music.

To perceive with all your senses: With closed eyes we exclude the sense of sight,
the most used sense in this epoche
We draw our attention to our sense of smell, our sense of hearing and listening,
our tactile sense and our sense of taste.

To perceive the space: Are you able to see the moon as a sphere and to perceive the space which exists between it and you?


Last Morning – The Birth Ritual

At dawn of the last day we gather in the woods to create the Birth Ritual.

Bringing together all experiences, exercises and our sensibility of the past days, the now close-knit group will create for each of us a Birth Ritual.

An outpour of words, of encouragements, of compliments and good wishes will be poured out on each of us to become his or her Poem of Birth.

After having accompanied each participant towards a new beginning we will finish the seminar with a rich breakfast in the woods.




We prepare and cook our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, ourselves and eat together in the Atelierhaus.

Near Atelierhaus you can find supermarkets whith a vast choice of selected foods of the region.

The day of the arrival, before the seminar starts, we will put together menues for the whole period of the seminar. .

Board: 25€ - 40€ a day

If wanted for dinner we can also visit the tipical Bavarian restaurants in Neukirchen.


How to get there

By Public Transport: Meeting Point Train Station Straubing or Bogen

I - Starting from 1 pm on the first seminar day there will be a pick-up service with a share-taxi from the train station Bahnhof Straubing and Bahnhof Bogen to Atelierhaus in Neukirchen (15 min.).

Please try to arrive to the seminar house at 3 pm at the latest.

II - The seminar starts at 5 pm.

By car



Seminar Fee: 170€
Board: 20€ - 35€ a night
Lodging: 45€ a night- Single roombreakfast included
20€ a night - Bed in double room
Journey to National Park: 30€ - for rental car (from 8 participants)

Bahnhof Straubing or Bogen: pick-up service or shared taxi

Binding Registration: 150€ Advance Payment

Early bird discount of 10% on seminar fee 6 weeks before the beginning of the seminar.

Enrollment Form - Download

Information: news@poetryflowers.com

Was mitnehmen

What to take with you

Cellular Phone with compass + charge + credit
You can take your phone with you and use it during the seminar only when required for the Poetic Research.
Writing kit (notebook, pen and a writing pad)
Rubber boots or mountain boots
Mosquito and tick repellent
Rainproof jacket/clothes against cold
Light long trousers, long-sleeved shirt
Water bottle

Bring your favourite poem learned by heart and the song you love most.

Das Fahrrad

Das Fahrrad

Im Preis inbegriffen

Vom Agriturismo Marilà zum Strand und dem Meer, entlang der Geschützten Küstendüne bis zum Küstensee Lago dei Monaci, durch den Urwald Selva di Circe bis zum Fuße des Monte Circeo werden wir uns mit dem Fahrrad fortbewegen.

Atelierhaus, Neukirchen

Lodging – Artistically Minded

The Bavarian Forest surprises with the creatively patched together interior furnishings of the seminar house AtelierHouse in Neukirchen close to Straubing. Despite the bathroom not being located on the same level with the bedrooms, each of them, however, has a comfortable sink with a mirror and balcony. The kitchen is down a further flight of stairs!

This is definitely the ideal place to escape from the restrictive working habit of harvest and winter in a big city. You can find inspiration in the forest, along water-ways, crossing fields and meadows, Wading through the rain, stamping through the snow, sitting down at the open fireplace and opening all channels of perception.

Therefore, it is also possible to stay in the warm AtelierHaus, sitting or lying somewhere, looking out of the window, unlike through a wide flat screen, and recall all those past emotions and sensations, which at some point in time have flown through you.

Room Prices
45€ a night - Single room – breakfast included
20€ a night - Bed in double room

Second Day – Finding Words for Oneself

With purified senses we start a new day.
The new stages will lead us to essential words, a deep expression of ourselves.

The Dream: The whole day long keep in mind the dream you had at night.

Early Morning: Walk barefoot, perceive the soil of the wood.

Threshold: The wood offers places and moments of passage.
The Threshold offers a passage to the new, towards deeper realms.

Pictures and Nature: Associate pictures or watercolours to landscapes, to plants, to combinations of colours and forms found in nature.

At sunset: Walk through the dark. Perceive the night. Thanks to your eyes unify everything blending it.

At the end of every exercise a phase of relaxation and concentration follows. In this very moment essential words emerge from our subconscious. Having gathered all essential words each of us will create in his or her way a Poetic Text.

Reading of the Poetic Texts created during these days.


First Evening – Setting goals

Introducing ourselves: What is your name? Do you have a passion for something?
Is there an activity that pervades your soul?

Setting Goals: What are you looking for?
Drawn from which longing are you ready to set out on your journey?

The first word: Thanks to a Fantasy-Journey we will discover our first word in a treasure chest.

At sunset, under some trees and with grilled meat and vegetables we will start our journey slowly and gently.


Bavarian Forest National Park


Poetry Sculptures

Poetry Sculptures

Shift out of the Seeing.
Move into the Listening.
Words will flourish in abundance.

Poetry Sculptures are short videos (max. 3 min.) composed artistically from audios and photos.
Audios: My own poetic texts are spoken and recorded.
Photos: My own photos are matched artistically to the audios.

If you wish, I will create a Poetry Sculpture for you too.