Jesus in the Light  –  St. Prassede, Rome

During the Day we are that which we believe ourselves to be: that part of ourselves which we want to show, we are that which we accept of ourselves, as we are only ready to show this. We are active, rational, we take decisions, we seek solutions. During the Day we can see where we put our feet. We are materialists: there are problems to be solved, and we approach them in a logical, linear and materialistic way. This is cause for joy and celebration: Doubts or disorder of the soul do not exist.

You walk through fields, you collect fruits and you work the fields for the next season. During the day you move: there is furniture to be moved, things to be organized, things to be finished. One works during the day. One talks to people, one makes arrangements, one passes along information. One goes to school during the day.

During the day everything is illuminated and we can see where we put our feet.




The Night consists of shadows. Our eyes slowly adjust in order to recognize them. We don’t see where we put our feet, in the dark we only perceive the weight of our physical presence, our movement becomes an extension into the shroud of darkness. Darkness is like a dense liquid which connects everything. We move slowly, embracing everything. With nearly closed eyes the mind first tries to understand and then to recognize various aspects of reality in front of us: instead not made anymore out of separate objects.

The only illumination is the light rays reflected from the surface of the moon. To see light where there is no source of illumination. To see one’s own shadow in the moonlight! That is the Night.

Our soul extends beyond our body. In this extension we perceive everything.

Through this openness monsters and demons emerge from the forgotten depths of our souls. We spring head first into the dark liquid, penetrating it and allowing ourselves to be penetrated.

We know the night in order to better know the day.

Dawn will break earlier and earlier.


THE DAY            


It is only when the darkness of night subsides and newly born dawn illuminates the sky that we glisten.

In the church of St. Prassede in Rome, the face of Jesus is depicted in a mosaic, positioned in such a way that it is illuminated by the light coming through small windows beside it, in front of it, and above it.

Become light ourselves and illuminate everything. A new day.


The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night. Poetry with Ulysses, Poetic Harvest, Poetry and Senses, Poetry and Ritual, Word Ritual Tree.
We will experience ourselves in light, in darkness, and again in light.