Our body is our flesh and blood, our skin and bones, our arms, our legs, our head and our inner organs. Here on Earth we always carry ourselves with us.

We also speak of the body of science, the body of law, corporations, etc. It is always the metaphor for the different parts, like in the case of the human body, or in the case of an association of people, ideas or forces.



Only a living body, a vital Body moves itself. According to the myths of creation in many cultures and religions, it was God’s breath that brought life to a human being from a statue of clay. The divinity in us, our soul is the movement in us.

Noises, sounds, music reminds us of this first breath and we begin moving. We start feeling our deepest parts and draw it outward. We dance.

Our feelings and our movements flow through our bodies; we can see the Dance and the body itself becomes the soul.

In the series of seminars Word Sound Body (WortKlangKörper), we will dance freely: we will put our bodies in motion to music, and many suppressed, blocked and unexpressed aspects will be allowed to flow again. Physical movement brings many things back to life.




The Touch of the Hands can also give our Soul-Body a boost, as our actually standing bodies are like receptive antennae, which perceiving energies from the sky, unify sky and Earth again. Body and Soul. Body as Soul.

We lie down on the ground and through simple Shiatsu–exercises different parts of the body are reconnected with the pressure of the thumb and in this way the connection between the Soul and Body can also be restored. Memories can arise and feelings, to which we lost contact, reemerge.

Thanks to my many years of experience as an alternative practitioner and as a Shiatsu Therapist, I realize the importance of relaxation to one’s perception of himself as well as of his environment and that only then is one drawn into a creative state.

Perceiving basically means using our bodies: using our senses (ears, hands, skin, eyes, nose, lips, tongue) for what is coming from outside and to articulate it again through a word (a verse, a poem, a text, a fairy tale) to the outside. The word too has its beginning in our body.



A spontaneous gesture is smaller in its realization than in a free dance, and accompanies a person’s emotions, words and sounds.

Gestures can often be associated with a gesture-language of a certain culture, but much more often they cannot be put into any codex.

From a gesture we can recognize many aspects of a person’s inner life. The body becomes a readable text, it becomes the entrance to a tender world, to which we can only gain access through our sensitivity.



The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
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