… is the deepest of our senses. A sound is born with the vibration of a whole object, from the nucleus to the surfaces and then through our ear, it reaches our soul in the most direct way.

How deeply can we be touched by the voice of another human being, how much enjoyment and how much pain? Noises or sounds can announce a danger or a friend.

In the seminar, one participant allowed sounds and noises to slide very deeply into her.  She allowed them to break her apart from within. Suddenly a memory emerged from her childhood in the form of the noise made by a tractor on a field. The regular rhythm, the calm, she experienced as a girl picking flowers. Before this exercise she had never realized the humming of the tractor in this event. (Il rombare del trattore entra dentro di me/Torno indietro nel tempo, mi rivedo bambina — The humming of the tractor penetrates me/ I go back in time. And see myself as a girl).

Our brain is not only a library of lived events, it also collects smells, colors, movements, sounds and noises.


Sounds and Noises


Through Sounds and Noises, one can recall a memory long forgotten as a whole. The access through hearing is a very special one: First and foremost it is by hearing and listening that we come into contact with the mood of removed situations and with past feelings.

When you listen to sounds in a meditative way, you allow them to penetrate you in such a deep way that all your being vibrates with it. Suddenly situations of the past emerge: faces, voices, words born from the originally perceived sound or noise reappear with moods and feelings from a past context. It is as if you won back a part of your story. You can carry them around with you like small photos.

Such experiences are excellent starting points for writing verses, poems and other texts.

By expressing oneself artistically one often lacks content and goals. One can sometimes no longer find inspiration. To get back to oneself through sounds is a very good starting point for a new creation.


The Voice

We can recognize human beings in the dark by their Voice. Every voice has got its own colors. Every vibrating body- like the body of a musical instrument – opens itself to a different voice.

We don’t allow every voice to penetrate us deeply. Voices can be very effective; many hurt us or confuse us. We protect ourselves by “turning a deaf ear” to them.

Some people, on the other hand, can calm us and restore our hope with their voices.


We are made in such a way that we are deeply affected, and most of all deeply changed, by sounds, noises and voices.




For this reason, and only for this reason, did man dedicate himself to Music: he created it following the example of sounds, noises and voices and listened to it with devotion, like he would listen to the soothing voices of mothers, saints and healers.

Music moves us in the deepest way. Music moves. And so we feel compelled to move ourselves to music.

A living body, a vital Body allows itself to be moved by sound.



The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
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