… are one of the deepest transformations in life. During this time young people take decisions about their future professions, their political positions, their attitudes towards life, society and other people, about their outfits and what they want to express with all that.
They make decisions with regard to developing their personalities.

Their first experiences with love and sexuality occur during the same period of life, in which these young people, full of insecurity and doubt, have to cope with every day life like they will never again have to.

Unknown feelings emerge in them, and even more importantly, the confusion of these feeling. They have high hopes and wish for deep friendships and the trust of their peers, but very often they feel abandoned by the adult world.

To be able to have a glance into one’s Soul Life, to put the confusion and insecurity into words can have a clarifying effect on their lives.

The Seminars. Together with a group of adolescents, boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18 years, we will live out our senses and rituals together.



In the night prior to the seminar, we walk in silence around a lake in the light of the full moon and offer our perceptive beings to the environment. Here too our starting point is within ourselves and proceeds from what we perceive, that is to say from what is true and real.

During the day we listen attentively to our voices, when we murmur, shout or “throw” them against the wall or other objects of the classroom and the corridor.

While wearing a blindfold we experience smells and tastes, we feel different objects and surfaces with our fingers and listen attentively to noises and sounds.

We try to combine verses of well-known poets with expressionistic and impressionistic paintings, and we ourselves compose texts and verses to these pictures.

We allow our movements to be led by music like the pencils which swing themselves through music on white sheets of paper.

Every single person is invited to get involved with his or her deeper self and to cope with important issues in his or her life.

The director of the Gymnasium was delighted that even the boys in the class were taken in by the exercises.


For the Rituals see Fruit and Seed.



Taboo topics. The seminar can, on request, explore a dimension in which taboo topics can be addressed.  Emotional scars left by adults or other schoolmates, violence among pupils, sexuality, fears and abuse through authority can be expressed freely in the absence of the usual authority figures such as teachers, and thanks to unknown exercises and experiences under the leadership of a new and unknown person who is only there for a short time. The students may open up in unexpected ways. To be allowed to discuss these topics and to find words for them can help adolescents solve many issues.



The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
Poetry with UlyssesPoetic Harvest, Poetry and Senses, Poetry and Ritual, Word Ritual Tree.