Adults, mainly teachers and young poets, have taken part in this seminar.  Some of them were looking for a new approach to Literature and Poetry at points where they had “hit a dead end” with their students. On this journey they discovered a tender approach to themselves and therefore the possibility of a new approach to their students as the starting point for an approach to Literature and Poetry.




As Adults we still look for something, for us too there are still Unknown Borders to cross: loss, pain, doubt and desires, needs, hope are all still hidden in drawers. Through Rituals, i.e. the Birth Ritual and the Mask Ritual, we find the hidden drawers again, and again it is through a word that our inner life finds its way outside.

Let’s free our soul blocked during childhood and adolescence.


The Seminars. Thanks to Senses and Rituals we get in touch with ourselves and through words and verses we can create our own texts and word images.Thanks to words, verses, texts and word images we express ourselves.




In the Birth Ritual we go through a Labyrinth, which has been the symbol for disorder and crisis since ever and which becomes the symbol for a chance at Birth and a New Beginning. On our way out of the Labyrinth the group welcomes us to the New Beginning with gifts and verses. The participants recall worthy personality traits they have recognized in the “Newborn” over the course of the seminar, and they lend their words of encouragement.

The Mask Ritual is one of the stations of the Ritual Path. In free Nature the participants will have to successively put on three masks of three different characters. We look at ourselves in a mirror and listen attentively to the words; our hidden soul wants to tell us something through the three masks.

The lived emotions and the gathered words from both rituals provide the foundation for the participants’ poems and texts.

Every single person is invited to get involved with his or her deeper self and to cope with important issues in his or her life.




After a very painful separation from her husband, whom she passionately loved, a woman had not been able to perceive herself for three years. After the seminar Poetry and Senses she developed the habit of going for long walks barefoot on the beach, to feel the sand under her feet, the wind in her face and to put on paper her sparkling words and thoughts.


For Experiencing our Senses see buds and blossoms.



The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
Poetry with UlyssesPoetic Harvest, Poetry and Senses, Poetry and Ritual, Word Ritual Tree.