The new beginning does not follow the end. In Nature—the very reality which is our starting point—ending is not a symbol, it is not a transformation, it is not a sign of hope, in fact the End itself, the pit is the beginning. The End is the Beginning!

Thanks to favourable conditions of Earth, Water and Sun a seedling grows out of the Seed, which given the right weather conditions, develops to a strong plant.  A trunk forms to support its branches and stable roots keep it securely attached to the earth. The branches carry stems with leaves or buds.  The buds transform into a wonderful blossom, which offers us nutritious fruits. These in turn contain seeds out of which the plant repeats the circle of life from the beginning. Seed and Seedling – Plant and Bud – Blossom and Fruit – Seed.

Nature, whose quintessence is expressed in the development from seed to seedling, blossom, fruit and back again to seed, also manifests itself in homo sapiens. We too develop along this stream. 




We grow along continuing passages: when does the newborn become a baby; at what point does the baby become a toddler, or a child a school child?  How tender or strong the transition from child to adolescent is, how revolutionary the change from adolescent to adult! When exactly do we stop being children, or being adolescents: when are we already adults? The passages are continuous.

The passages are continuous, yet all steps of development are present at the same time: the future ones and past ones alike. The bud already contains petals, fruits and seeds. The seed already contains the seedling and the tree. Within the fruit is the blossom and the bud, within the seed is the fruit, within the seedling is the seed.

In a child we can intuit, support and guide the adolescent, the adult. In the adult we can perceive and see the child; insofar as one is in touch with this inner child, we recognize and love him.

As we grow older, a variety of aspects of our soul are constantly being brought to light. They want to be accompanied and supported. They want to be seen and felt. On their way to being born, our most valuable characteristics want to be shared and lived. We ourselves don’t know what is hidden within us and where all of this will lead us, once it has emerged from us.

A weekend spent with a group is a favourable climate to go through phases or passage of one’s own life. During this time we will deeply feel ourselves; through our senses we will allow many impulses to penetrate us, through rituals we will confront ourselves with what is breaking out of our lives and last but not least we will have the opportunity to put all the experiences and feelings into words, into a poem, a verse, a sentence or an image.




When we find ourselves in a crisis, when we are stuck and can’t take a decision, when we are confused and insecure, when we long for something we desire, it is time for a delicate approach to the problem. To feel ourselves, to follow our feelings and to put all new discoveries into words or word-pictures and write them down is an act of psycho-hygiene. Before the new beginning, everything must first be spread out on huge the table. In the flow of steady becoming, nobody knows what is hiding within and about to develop.



The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
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