The neologism Wortklangkörper (composed by Wortklang – sound of a word and Klangkörper – body of a musical instrument) can be read and understood in different ways. The basic elements are Wort (word), Klang (sound) und Körper (body). Poetry consits of not only words and sounds, Poetry posseses a real Body.

One can furthermore see the reference to the compound words Wortklang (sound of a word) and Klangkörper (body of a musical instrument). Again we come across elements, for which we look in Poetry and find in that subtle world in between Poetry and Music.

We could play endlessly with further variations: Wortkörper (body of a word), Körperwort (word of a body), Klangwort (word of a sound), Köperklang (sound of a body), Klangwortkörper (body of the word of a sound) etc.

Words and their neologism serve to approach the Inexpressible, to somehow touch its intuition and to convey this experience to the audience.