The Human Being and Nature


Getting to know Nature means getting to know oneself. Walking through the woods or along a river, climbing up a mountain or crossing a blooming meadow possesses the great ability to relax the human being and to open his or her antennae of perception to everything that comes from outside. Finally we once again feel in contact with the depths of our souls, we remember our most intimate desires and we manage to rediscover the deepest motivation of our actions and of our life.



Accepting the transformation is the first step and the decisive step to reentering the vital phases designed by nature.

The eternal cycle of Nature: Birth, Growing, Ripeness of fruits, Growing Old and Death. Only with this Death is a new beginning full of freshness possible: the path along which our soul, our psyche, walks. For the Human Being encountering Nature always means reentering the path of one’s own cycle of life.

The vital phases existing in Nature, the cycle of air, the cycle of water and that of the growing of plants reminds us of how much the physical aspect of our human lives inevitably depends on these vital phases and how much we ourselves are a link in this cycle’s chain.


Word Ritual Tree

The seminar Word Ritual Tree will lead the participants for three days through Nature where we will follow the vital phases of Nature and the path of the vibrations of our soul. Going through some simple rituals on our way through the woods and up the mountain, we will taste Day and Night. We will live the elements water, air, earth, fire and ether. We will go through the vital phases of Birth, Growing, Maturity and Nourishment and Death. We will discover our senses to be the channels of perception. Feet, hands, skin, nose, ears, mouth and eyes. Every Ritual, every obstacle and every exercise will be pervaded by our emotions and thanks to a break for personal reflection, we will put it on paper in the form of a word, a sentence, a verse, a sound or an image.


The series of seminars WordSoundBody (WortKlangKörper) will be dedicated to allowing experiences during the day in the same way as during the night.
Poetry with UlyssesPoetic Harvest, Poetry and Senses, Poetry and Ritual.


Some Rituals from the Seminar

I) Defining the aim of the journey – Element: Fire
*Which secrets, riddles, treasures, questions and answers does our journey hide?

*While we sing and dance around a fire – supported by ecstasy-like drum rhythms – we formulate and scream out those questions and desires for which we are ready to find answers during this journey.

II) Listening – Element: Air
*Sitting spread out in the woods and immersed in the sounds and noises of it we listen with eyes closed  to our breath. One speaks of the woods as of huge lungs. With a Pranayama Exercise (Yoga) we follow the principle of giving and receiving, of inhaling and exhaling. This principle is the basis for the vital phase of air and other vital phases.

III) Channel of Perception – Element: Earth
*In groups of two or three we, one by one, let some insects of the woods crawl on our hands and feet. The first time the eyes are closed, the second time open.

IV) WaterElement: Water
*We cross a river abundant with water. We have to take off our shoes and possibly our trousers as well. We are overcome by the stream. We become wet. We can no longer make it alone. How can we help each other without becoming too passive or too active? What happens with us?

V) Channel of Perception – Element: Earth
*We massage each other’s feet (washed by the water). We come into contact with this channel of perception which we usually keep closed, dead and hidden.

*We walk barefoot on the different surfaces that the woods offer us. How do the woods speak to us through our feet?

*Everybody concentrates again on the just lived emotions and with paper and pencil on his knees he writes everything on this sheet of paper that goes into the fanny pack.


After the Seminar

After having participated actively in the seminar Word Ritual Tree, you will be able to perceive in a much clearer way what goes on in you in any situation.

*You will seek more often that intimate connection with yourself which you were able to attain through the contact with Nature.

*You will develop a vivid feeling for our dependence on the vital cycles of water, air and plants and how these depend on a healthy environment, which can only be protected and sheltered by man.

*You will discover how much our emotional life too follows a vital cycle of purification and how important it is to activate these in order to lead a fluent and clear life. The encounter with nature has a “purifying” effect on us human beings too, not only on water and air.

*You will have improved your ability to speak about yourselves, you will be able to put into words what touches and moves you. You will be able to write a poem. Thanks to these abilities you can improve the relationship to yourself and thus also with other human beings in your environment.



Participants: 5-15

1 1/2 Days: 70€/Person
2 1/2 Days: 100€/Person
3 1/2 Days: 150€/Person

Binding Registration: 150€ Advance Payment

Further options with school classes or groups can be organized. 


Lecturer – Giovanna Salabè, Poet and Therapist
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