The Healing Power of Words

Poetry Therapy helps with Psychological Problems



Magazine VITAL

In its latest edition the Magazine VITAL (10/09; EVT: 23. September) reports that more and more scientific studies prove the efficacy of the so called Poetry Therapy.
During this Therapy the patients first complete relaxation-exercises and then release spontaneously their thoughts by writing around an image or some other topic.
While writing, and already before, the patients go through various phases of reflection“, elucidates Dr. Silke Heimes from Darmstadt. (…)
During the act of writing the patients get access to vague emotions, to uncertainty, to memories and fears. Furthermore they develop the feeling that they themselves are able to contribute to the solutions of their own problems. It is exactly this connection between conscious and unsconscious mind, which distinguishes the Poetry Therapy. In the USA it is recognized since the sixties as a branch of Art Therapy like Draw-Therapy, Dance-Therapy or Music-Therapy.
Particularly in cases of fears, obsessive disorders, depressions or burnouts Poetry Therapy can Vor allem bei Angst- und Zwangsstörungen, Depressionenoder Burnout can be applied very good in a supportive way. “The feeling of resignation and powerlessness, which accompaign several mental illnesses obtain a counterbalance”, explains Professor. Dr. Hans Ulrich Seizer.



Poetry Therapy – Radio ProgrammWR2 Wissen
26.06.08 08:30 a.m.

Is Writing abel to heal you? Word can comfort you and open new perspectives. The one who write something off his chest, gets to the heart of it, feals relieved and sees things more clear. Is it however possible to read or write oneself healthy also in case of a severe illness? American Studies have proved that chronic pain can be mitigated thanks to “Poetry Therapy”. Also the physical state of cancer-sufferers and cardiac-patients can be improved permanently by writing. (…)



Dr. Daniela Pucher

Writing stories is a way to get rid of the past”, these are Johann Wolfgang von Goethes words. Not for nothing people write diaries or wish to draw up their family story or their autobiography. The writing process always implies some kind of healing and some kind of reconciliation with the past. Poetry Therapy is looked at as a special discipline of Art Therapy – for my work it of course has particular significance, since I use its methods and knowledge for my author-coachings and my workshops. (…)