ATHENA-Verlag                     ISBN 978-3-89896-668-9

In the cellar of memories

nothing hangs on the walls,
empty glass cabinets stand around,

without the relics of my life.

I counted myself poor,
since I didn’t manage to save anything
across to the present.

No Trousseau, no soft Bed, no Obituary

Let me drop all I need the most,
let me make a present of all I don’t have.

Let me glide over fertile waters,
with windlush sail.

Let me live azure!
(G. Salabè)

2016, K. Janßen u. U. Sattler (Hgg.), (Anthologie – Gedichte)
ATHENA-Verlag – ISBN 978-3-89896-668-9


Love and Nonsense-2013


ATHENA-Verlag                     ISBN 978-3-89896-561-3

wanted to attach myself to your charriot,
like a child,
to oscillate with your movements,

wanted to be put into your side pocket,
like something that belongs to you,
my marsupial soul;

that was too young to you

now I hang on the Lianas
of the Kajabi Indians’
moist burrow caves

and among the lush Vines
I sway myself hunting
for the nourishing drops
of my wishes
(G. Salabè)

2013, K. Janßen u. U. Sattler (Hgg.), (Anthologie – Gedichte)
ATHENA-Verlag – ISBN 978-3-89896-561-3




Xàos – 2006

Poems in German language

ATHENA-Verlag                            ISBN 13 978-3-89896-243-8

Trees fall upon us,
the valleys grow narrow
and also our paths are already splitting apart.

The new beginning will grow and climb
from underneath like a plant into us.
Leaves and leaves
out of mouths and eyes,
hands to leaves and hair.

Until we open.
Until we grow over, broken, to the Earth.

(G. Salabè)


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Vergessen wir,
dass die Welt schwanger
an uns allen getragen hat?

Vergessen wir,
wie wir alle
am selben Mutterkuchen wurden?

Vergessen wir
den weißen Faden der Gefühle
der sich in uns allen
hinauf windet
(und zu uns allen hinüber windet)?

Lass auch uns
Mutterkuchen sein!

Und wenn du ein Wort hast,
so leg es in die eine Hand mit Loch,
steck es zwischen die Rippen
eines jeden, der es braucht,
als kämt ihr gerade aus der selben Haustür.
Das ist zu Hause!
(G. Salabè)

2006, ATHENA-Verlag – ISBN 13 978-3-89896-243-8



χάος is, according to Plato, the unformed primordial material out of which everything is born. Science describes the creation of the world as a primordial explosion that destroyed all pre-existing and out of which, afterwards, a cloud of dust was formed. Over billions of years of time thanks to its centrifugal power this dust cloud conglomerated to form the planets. Here we have an image.

All this is accompanied by a primordial Sound, the Big Bang, whose finest vibrations still float today, which connect us to the past and to the origin. Here we have a sound.
Images and Sound are the original materials of the cosmos and from the very beginning the original elements and the body of poetry.
The world breaks asunder, it completely loses control of itself, it loses its form, its structure and ceases to exist. Everything is lost and we stand before Nothingness.
Only curiosity, hope, and the simple feeling of going on with life can humble a person and make him or her ready to discover something new, something which up to that point could not have existed in that world order. Every Chaos has in fact a new, inner structure that wants to be discovered, that demands an openness to a new way of seeing, one that transforms the searcher. Again there is a break, this time the inner world is breaking apart. Again there is a break, this time the inner world is breaking apart.
Renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, has observed that in the cosmos everything, really everything, is determined from the very beginning. And still, he asserts, the combination and the reciprocal influence of the single factors is so vast that in fact nothing is predetermined. Again we are abandoned to the chaos and again we are seeking its hidden order.



Libruch – 2003

Poems in German and Italian

homo migrans editio                         ISBN 3-9808515-0-8

Oh schau, die wundersamen Äste, Blätter, wie seicht
e coglieremo le perle della nostra Seele prima di
innoltrarci in das Sanft-Dunkle der Wälder. Tenebre
rattristanti, tenebre entzündend der Seele Leben.

In questo “Malincomio”, dessen einzige Grenze
der Waldrand ist, sarò quest’unico albero,
dessen wasserträchtige Wurzeln
Frische in meinem Geist sind,

trotz reifer, überhängender Seele.
(G. Salabè)


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Ich lege mich nieder
auf die Rundung grasfeucht
unserer Erde,
hineingleitende Brust, Kinn, Ohr
und es lauscht aus mir.

Die Stimmen der nie Erreichten,
aus tiefen unterirdischen Höhlenbäumen,
rauschen Worte quer
durch den Raum
und ein Ton singt.

(G. Salabè)

2003, homo migrans editio – ISBN 3-9808515-0-8


Poetry wants to touch us deeply. It wishes to help people to take flight, so that they can find themselves again. Where have our feelings hidden? Where have we buried ourselves? Into ourselves?

Sounds, images, movements try nevertheless to approach the ineffable through words.

The mixture of two languages (German and Italian) can even become, thanks to the apparent confusion, the better expression for the ineffable..
Giovanna Salabè ventured, at the age of 40, to publish her first work:Libruch



Audio Installation


Teatro delle Voci – 2009

In Italian language

On a Journey through the forgotten regions of Italy (Apulien/Salento, Kalabrien und dem Aosta-Tal), Giovanna Salabè has interviewed people about their lives. The voice-collages produced from these interviews now resonate in three rooms.

In Room 1voices are put into a dialogue together and tell us about Love, about God, about Luck, about the own Childrenand Death.

In Room 2 you can walk around, drown in an ocean of voices, and hear about Grandparents and Parents, about the Life of the People, their Life at Work, the School and the Family.

Last but not least, in Room 3 you can put on a headset and listen to a whole Life-Story ,

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CD 1 Cose Delicate

CD 2 Fasi della Vita

CD 3 Vite Intere



Il viaggio
Avevo comprato una Polo rossa che aveva 15 anni e un apparecchio DAT portatile nuovo di zecca capace della più alta qualità di registrazione digitale. Ero partita da Roma con una lista di parenti, parenti di amici e conoscenti che avrebbero potuto aiutarmi o nel farsi intervistare loro stessi o nell’introdurmi nuovamente a parenti e conoscenti interessati al progetto. La mia intenzione era quella di comprendere nella mia ricerca sia donne che uomini, sia giovani che adulti e anziani, sia cittadini che campagnoli, dall’artigiano all’intellettuale, dall’analfabeta ai professori universitario. Per realizzare ciò sono partita con la mia Polo rossa all’avventura salendo in paesi di montagna dove non conoscevo nessuno e inoltrandomi nei cosiddetti “quartieri malfamati” delle grandi città. Quelli che hanno voluto aiutarmi, pur non conoscendomi, che fossero poveri o ricchi, lo hanno fatto con una gran disponibilità umana, desiderosi di dare qualcosa a me, ma soprattutto a tutti gli eventuali ascoltatori. In un paese della Sila vengo accolta festosamente da alcuni giovani che vengono però richiamati velocemente in casa da certe donne anziane che portano il copricapo tradizionale: piatto sulla testa con due teli perpendicolari sui due lati. Mi si chiede in malo modo che cosa sia venuta a cercare lì…. Alla fine sono tutti d’accordo sul volermi portare a Roxy Radio…Vengo a conoscere Marx, il fondatore della radio locale. E` sincero, dignitoso e spavaldo. Poi mi spiega l’origine del suo nome. In verità si chiama Mario, ma visto che al giorno d’oggi abbiamo tutti perso il nostro “io”, non siamo nessuno, non valiamo niente, lui l’ha tolto anche dal suo nome e l’ha sostituito con la variabile “x”. Terminata l’intervista Marx mi invita a invertire i ruoli. Ora è lui a volermi fare l’intervista in diretta alla radio. “ Abbiamo qui come ospite una giornalista di Roma, ci spieghi meglio le ragioni della sua ricerca…”

This text only exists in italian as the journey and the interviews took place in Italy.


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